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October 25, 2011
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Knock knock!

There was a knock at the door at an apartment, where a depressed man lies. He was lying down in his bed, not moving an inch, but wasn't asleep though. It was raining outside. The Apartment was filled with silence. He could hear the rain tapping up against the window shield.  It was also cold inside the apartment. The man shivered, also chattered his teeth. He tucked himself under the covers to prevent himself from getting cold, since he didn't even bother to turn on the thermostat.

Knock knock!

Another knock was at the door, this time the male stood up in his bed and they got out of it. He stands up very slowly and started walking towards his door of the apartment, about to answer it. While he walked, he past a lot of things and some trash that was in the floor, kicking or dragging it across the floor with his feet, without a care. Some beer cans where on the floor too, also TV dinner boxes, some clothes, and some half used cigarettes.  All was kicked, stepped on, or dragged across the floor by the same man by his feet, not bothering to pick up any of it.

Knock knock!

???: Mordecai? You're home? It's me Eileen.

A voice that seems like a female voice yelled from the outside of the apartment. The male turn his kitchen light on (which was nearby the doorway), lighting up part of his little home. He unlocked the door from the latch, the second one, and finally the main lock and opened the door slowly, showing a slightly older face of Eileen. She was partly wet, holding an umbrella. She was a little taller than she was years ago.  Her hair was in a ponytail; also she still has red glasses, little white ball earrings on, with a light orange dress and white Ballet flat shoes. She looked a little plump (but there's a reason for that).

Eileen: Hey Mordecai.

The male appeared to be a slightly older Mordecai (looking like he's in his 30's or maybe 28 or 29), but he looked older due to a tiring look on his face, also with crow's feet under his eye lids. He had a darkish red and blue shirt one with blue jeans, but his clothes looked wrinkled and tired out.

Eileen: How you doing guy?


Eileen: Can I come in for a few?

Mordecai didn't answer her, but he did sigh. He stood aside, making a way for her to walk inside. She walked inside, setting her umbrella outside on the Balcony way near the door, which was shield from the falling rain. She slid off her coat and hanged it on the coat racket and took off her shoes, which was a little soaked from the rain.

Eileen: Whew! It's pouring down out there! I just got off from work. I was about to go home, but then I thought about you. You probably didn't eat anything yet did you?

Mordecai:...shakes head*

Eileen: Well then, never mind me then, I'll fix up something up to eat right quick before I go home, like I always do right?

Eileen smiled at Mordecai and went in the kitchen, starting to fix dinner for Mordecai, like she always do for him time to time, while Mordecai took a seat at the kitchen table, not saying a word. His actions have to do with the fact that Eileen coming over to his apartment and fixing him a little something to eat was almost a daily routine since he barely feeds himself. He doesn't care or take care of himself ever since "She" died. Eileen became very caring throughout the years. She always put others before herself first. How busy she was, how tired she was, she still did it because she truly cares.  

Eileen took out a bag of frozen shrimp and sat it on the counter and then she took out a pot and then filled it up with water. She turned on the stove and sat the pot with water on the stove, allowing it to boil.

Then Eileen paused and gasps a little. She felt movements in her stomach, like something was moving or sliding around inside her. She then smiled (flushed a little bit) and start rubbing her tummy slowly. She seemed happy to the reaction that just happened.

Eileen*whispering*: Only a few more weeks little one...

Eileen then went to check on the water. It was now hot enough and she opened up the bag of shrimps a let them steam in the pot.

Eileen: You know Mordecai, I know how you feel and all, but growing men like you need to eat. Laying around and doing nothing, including not eating can get you very sick and we don't want that to happen to you.

Mordecai sat quietly at the table. He was listening, but wasn't paying it a mind. It's probably due to the fact that almost everyone he knows told him the exact same thing hundreds of times.

Eileen: Maybe you should try to go out sometime, just to get some fresh air you know. We all doing are best to help you Mordecai. You probably don't care, but we do very much because you are our friend.  That's what Mar-RING!!!

Eileen was stopped at midsentence to hear her cell phone rang.

Eileen: Excuse me for a moment Mordecai...

She than answered her cell.

Eileen: Hello...Hey Rigby...I'm over Mordecai's again...I'm just fixing him something to eat...Ya, but I don't think he hasn't really been eating anything lately...He has to eat too Rigby you know that!...ok, you too*hangs up her cell*.

Eileen:  Rigby's coming over to visit Mordecai.

Eileen smiled, but Mordecai had a blank expression on his face. He didn't say anything once again, ignoring Eileen that she ever said Rigby was coming over, Eileen than frowned and turned back to the stove, checking on the shrimps. She put the heat on low and then starts to add seasonings in the shrimps.

She then took out a bag of potato flakes so she can make some mashed potatoes. She took out two more pots and filled one with milk and one with water and let both boil. She took out a bag of frozen corn from the freezer and sat it on the counter.

Eileen: You know, I visit Roseanne and Mark yesterday, they say that they really miss you and want you to come around sometime and visit them and Asgell and Brina. They had gotten very big.

Mordecai Scowled a little to the fact that he heard the kids names. He stand up and walked to his dark room and sat on his bed. Eileen sighed.

Eileen: You only saw Brina once, right Mordecai? You know her birthday is-Knock knock!!!

There was a knock at the door. Eileen stopped what she was doing to answer the door. Eileen opened the door to see a slightly older Rigby outside. He was wearing his work uniform; it was kind of hard to tell because he was wearing his coat. He mostly looks the same like he did years ago, but only difference is that he was a little taller than he was years ago like Eileen.  Some of his attitude has changed too.  He's less mischievous now, acting a little more of an adult than a teen. He's more helpful to his friends than he was before, specially for Mordecai, since he is bewaring on what is going on.   

Eileen: Hey Rigby!

Rigby: Hey people!

Eileen was happy to see Rigby. She gave him a kiss on his cheek, which was ice cold and wet from the rain. Rigby on the other hand was flattered by the kiss because her lips were warm. Rigby smiled and blushed a bit. He gave Eileen a kiss back even it was a cold one. Eileen didn't mind the cold kiss though.

Rigby*whispers to Eileen*: how's he doing?

Eileen*whispers to Rigby*: To tell you the truth, not so well. I don't think he's been eating too much healthy portion meals lately. I see some leftover meals that I made previous days still in the refrigerator. He's been eating things like TV dinners. If you ask me, that's not very healthy food for him for the situation he's in now.

Rigby:*sighs*I'll talk to him.

Rigby walks towards Mordecai's room to greed him while Eileen finished up cooking dinner.  She adds all the ingredients and the potato flakes to the pot with the milk in it to create the mashed potatoes. She then put the corn inside the boiling pot of water and then turns the heat to the shrimps off.

*In Mordecai's room*

Rigby*shouts by surprise*: Hey Mordecai!!!

Rigby grins at Mordecai, but it doesn't help. Mordecai stares at Rigby for a few seconds and then looks down like he didn't see anything in the first place.

Rigby: How you doing man!? I missed you. It's been real boring without you. There's no one to talk to you know. I mean we barely ever talk anymore!


Rigby:*Sighs*What I'm going to do with you?


Rigby: No matter how much I say to you, you don't talk nor answer.

Rigby walks over and takes a seat next to Mordecai on his bed and starts explaining.

Rigby: You know, I know I talk to you all the time, try to cheer you up, but you still don't listen. But hey, you know what? To tell you the truth, I just returning all those favors to you.

Mordecai rise up both of his eyebrows; He was wondering what he was talking about, but he didn't say anything, waiting for him to explain what he was talking about.

Rigby: In the past, you always help me out when I did something stupid or mischievous. Even at times you didn't want to, you still help me. But this time, I feel like it's my turn to help you out because you're my bro.

Rigby had a little smile on his face, but it seemed like Mordecai still didn't had any true actions. Rigby then frowned and felt disappointed. He really felt sorry for his friend; he always felt nothing but hurt a sorrow. He felt like the he was being consumed by darkness, losing his true soul, his essence. He's been really depressed for a long time now, ever since...that day. He just want things to go back to normal; he just want his friend to be happy once again.

Rigby than saw Mordecai's trash spread all around on the floor. Rigby stand up, and turned on Mordecai little lamp by his bed. He saw more of the trash now. He opened up his dresser drarwer which shows trash bags inside it. He pulled out one and opened it. He started to pick up the trash off the floor. Then he picked up a broom and dust pan and started to sweep the cigarettes and ash off the floor. The room wasn't perfect, but it was better than it was before.

*In the Kitchen*

Eileen: Guys! The food is ready. Come get it before it gets cold.

She fixed everyone's plate and sat 3 of them in front of a chair at the kitchen table. Each one was piled with shrimps, mashed potatoes, some corn, and also a dinner roll. The smell of the dinner filled the home. Rigby drooled a bit.

Rigby: Oh boy! It smells awesome! Doesn't it Mordecai?


Rigby: Come on. Let's go eat.

Eileen was waiting for Rigby and Mordecai to come in the Kitchen to eat their food. Rigby came in, helping Mordecai to get in his seat. Eileen pulled out a chair, allowing the blue jay to sit down and eat. Mordecai sat down and pulled up his chair to the table. Rigby tasted one of his shrimps first, and then he gained this starved look on his face and start gobbling his food down fast. Eileen coughs about two times just to let Rigby know what he was doing wrong. Rigby scowled and blush a bit and start to slow down eating. Eileen began eating her food too, but at the same time her eyes was glued on Mordecai. She was waiting for the depressed blue jay to take a bite of his food, but still he sat there and didn't make any sudden movements.

Eileen: Come on Mordecai! Eat up!

Mordecai stared at her for a good minute, but he actually start to eat some of his food, but he ate it very slowly. Eileen was Satisfied, since he was eating.

Eileen: So Rigby, where are the kids?

Rigby: They still at Febe's. Since we both were working late, I called her head of time to watch them until we pick them up. Actually, Febe said that she will let them stay over for the night since they don't have any school tomorrow.  I said that they could stay, also they wanted to say too.

Eileen: That's nice, maybe we can have a little alone time to are selves.

Rigby*blushes*: We have enough kids...

Eileen giggled a bit at the statement she said and blushed. Rigby looked to the side and scratched the back of his head, blushing a bit. Mordecai scowled a bit, consuming that he didn't want to hear the statement that Eileen just made. Eileen saw Mordecai's scowl and then changed the subject with something else.

Eileen: So Mordecai, Like I was saying earlier, Brina's birthday is tomorrow. Are you going to give her anything?

Mordecai grinding his teeth starting to feel very gloomy and a little sick. Not only he didn't want to hear his daughter's name, but at that moment, because of the discussion about Brina's birthday, he was reminded by something else, something very serious. He then turned his head slowly and stared at a picture with a woman on it, which was surrounded by flowers and candles (not lighted). He looked very sad. His heart felt like it was packed with so much pain, also it felt like it was broken in half. Rigby and Eileen wounder what Mordecai was staring at, they looked the way were his eyes lead and they saw the picture of the woman.

Rigby: Oh ya, that's right.

Rigby clenched his fist tightly, looking sad himself. He was remembered of that day too.

Rigby: Tomorrow's also a reminder of the day when she died right?

Everyone at the table was staring and reminded of the woman, who appeared to be a red robin, who was smiling. That woman was their beloved friend and Mordecai's wife and the mother of their kids, Margaret...
Regular Depression chapter 1!:D I finshed it!:p You may read. I hope you guys like it:) I worked really hard on this so no bad comments please.

Asgell and Brina belongs to:iconamy-chao:

Regular show belongs to:iconjgquintel:

Regular Depression by me.

Ch 2.: coming soon
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edievoonclarke Featured By Owner May 1, 2013  Hobbyist Artist
Ive got an idea that if the is story does continue
mordecai might have this dream when margarets soul comes to visit
him and starts confusing mordecai then she gets really freaky
and then mordecai wakes up in a frightened mood
another idea for chapter three when it comes out is
for when mordecai sees asgell and brina again
along with the rest of the gang and your OCs
when mordecai refuses to look at his kids
margarets soul from the dream in freaky from
revisits mordecai in real life and scolds him for
being a bad father which gets him in the mood to
look after the kids again how do you except
that idea
cupcakeforever18 Featured By Owner May 3, 2013  Student Artist
That does sound like a good idea, but I don't know if I'm going to use it. I'm actually basing this story from an anime movie that I saw and also, I don't know if I'm going to continue it. I might but then it might be discontinued.
edievoonclarke Featured By Owner May 3, 2013  Hobbyist Artist
okay ill be sure you use the ideas cause
they might come to use
Mxm-naleeK Featured By Owner Mar 7, 2013
And So When Is Ch 2 Coming?!?!?!?!?1
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Mxm-naleeK Featured By Owner Mar 8, 2013
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